Survivor Story 11

I am learning to parent with the same love the Rescue 1 team has shown me.

I came to the US with my father when I was young, crossing the southern border. It wasn’t long until he started selling me house to house. When he thought he was about to get caught, he abandoned me.

I was barely a teenager, and I was pregnant – unable to take care of my own needs, much less a newborn. I was on my own, bounced from foster house to foster house with my baby.

My case worker learned about Rescue 1 Global, and I came to live at Grace Oasis. I was finally physically safe and surrounded by people who loved me and my child.

But I did not know how to receive love. I was angry and full of fear that these people would reject me just like everyone else. I lashed out often.

But little by little, they have proven that they will love me no matter what. Even when I said horrible things to them, they continued loving me and helping me learn to deal with my anger and my fears.

I never had a good parenting role model. So I am learning to parent with the same love the Rescue 1 team has shown me, showing myself and my child God’s never-ending grace everyday.

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