Rescue is a specialized leg of the anti-human trafficking movement and requires a well-trained, experienced team to operate successfully.

Rescue USA

In the US, our Rescue Program is called “Special Ops” and is broken down into 3 different types of operations:

  • Community Outreach
  • Surveillance
  • Mobile Ops Teams

Special Ops is the coordinated response to rescue, intervene or intercept a minor victim or a self-identified trafficking victim.

Our requests for rescue aid and victim advocacy can come from federal, state, and local law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office, social workers, medical professionals, classmates, teachers, observant citizens, concerned family members, and victims themselves.

Rescue International

Probably the most attractive and most requested part of our work is “The Rescues”, particularly overseas. Many people want to know more about or even volunteer to participate in, this aspect of our efforts. However, rescue operations are not glamorous and, due to security concerns, we often cannot disclose the details.

Rescuing globally requires that our teams know how to best and safely infiltrate the underground world of clubs, bars, brothels, hotels, and storefronts that are facilitating trafficking.