Our vision for Restoration is called Grace Oasis: a Safe House and Recovery Program for minor and adult survivors of slavery and human trafficking.

Restoration USA

Our vision for Rescue 1 Global’s residential restoration program is called Grace Oasis: a Safe House and Restoration Program for minor survivors of slavery & human trafficking. Grace Oasis will promote healing through caregivers and counselors pouring into the survivors through case management, advocacy, and committed community partnerships providing intensive aftercare services to foster physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

Grace Oasis is a place of opportunity, acceptance, support, instruction, and most of all, safety.  Our team is dedicated to providing residents with a safe, supportive environment to help them accomplish short and long-term goals, gain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and aid in working toward the ultimate goal of family reunification or safe transitional housing, independent living, and reintegration.

Grace Oasis is a 24-hour residential facility that adheres to a Trauma-Informed Restoration Program that is designed to encourage the safe and successful reintegration of survivors by slowly transitioning them into stages where they will encounter real-world friends, mentors, families, and situations. 

Goals of our Grace Oasis After-care program

  1. To provide a dual-informed (paired over-comer & non-victim) model of aftercare with a personalized recovery and development plan for each survivor.
  2. To open quality holistic Safe Homes offering immediate shelter, residential care, and transitional housing for minors who have been trafficked and/or experienced some form of commercial sexual exploitation.
  3. To provide resources, mentors, and counselors that address and empower the whole person, i.e. emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual health and wellness. Including training and assistance in life skills, GED and/or Secondary Education, Trauma therapy, art therapy, community activities, and much more.
  4. To ensure a safe, healthy transition into community-based opportunities for survivors to flourish, become empowered self-sufficient individuals, and go on to live full, productive lives.

Rescue 1 Global set out with the intention of providing a trauma-informed safe home for minors that have been trafficked after we learned there was not one in the State of Tennessee. We first opened Grace Oasis: Leigharra’s House in 2016. This home is a safe home for girls ages 10-17. Leigharra’s House is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services as a rehabilitation home.

After we had one of our survivors age out of our home with nowhere to go that would continue her trafficking-informed care, we set out to ensure that would never happen again. In 2019, we opened Grace Oasis: Katelynn’s House. Katelynn’s House is a safe home for adult human trafficking survivors and is licensed by the State of Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. What is unique about Katelynn’s House is that we take in the survivor and her children to ensure that the family unit stays together and is supported through the process of healing from her trauma, but also so that her children can heal from trauma as being a child of a human trafficking victim.

Our online application can be found HERE. When you submit the application, please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

If you are uncomfortable submitting your information online, please print this form. You can find the adult application and the minor application there. Please submit those applications to [email protected].

Restore International

Through R1G: Abbey Homes, anonymously located internationally, we provide individuals with physical safety, emotional and spiritual protection, and lifestyle reconditioning. Survivors will live with each other, loving house parents, mentors, and counselors. Similarly, local professionals will provide career training to build new skill sets, learn about business, and assist to set them up for successful futures.

We also understand how redeemed souls from such horrific abuse and darkness will desire to reciprocate the great gift of freedom. So, we are prepared both for restoring overcomers successfully back into the community and equipping them to become active Rescuers as well.