Survivor Story 10

My growing up years were spent with biological parents, step-parents, and adoptive parents. But by the time I was in high school, I was on my own.

Having been introduced to the sex industry at a young age, I made a “career” out of porn and exotic dancing. Others viewed my body as a commodity, and I learned to see myself that way too. This shaped my view of myself – my worth as a person.

To cope with all the negative feelings, I turned to substance abuse. My addictions and exploitation had me wandering the streets night and day, often unaware of my injuries.

Local outreach advocates befriended me. They kept showing up on the streets and at the hotels that I frequented. They persistently offered me options for hope, over and over, without judgment.

Finally, I decided to let them take me to a detox center. Then I came to live at Grace Oasis I was safe! They gave me medical help, therapy, and life skills. But most importantly, they game me themselves! Now I have a forever family!

My path to rebuilding my life has taken a lot of time and patience, but now I am running into my future in freedom and full of hope!

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