MISSION 1 is our short term mission and service opportunities which take teams of individuals, small groups, and R1 Task Force groups. MISSION 1 TEAMS provide individuals, small groups and Reach 1 Teams with practical, spirit-filled ways to serve a community, make a difference and be a part of building the Kingdom.

We are aware that we can never end human afflictions. On the other hand, we are passionately committed to serving the poor and needy. We do this by providing them with the resources necessary for security, empowerment, personal growth, and future success.

Making a difference in just one life is worth all the sacrifice in the world. Experience tells us that as we build relationships within the community, while meeting the physical and emotional needs, hearts begin to open to the need for Christ.

Mission 1 Goals

  • Participate in the daily routines of R1 national leaders and those we care for
  • Serve, love on, listen to, and share with others that believers in America sent us to serve them
  • Engage in community evangelism
  • Conduct Least of These Risk Assessments
  • Prayer walk the Red-light districts
  • Engage in Christ-centered relationships with perpetrators, the vulnerable and exploited

Be the Hands & Feet

Short-term mission trips are not just for young adults! Anyone can and should go. GO! Challenge yourself or your REACH 1 TEAM to go beyond your normal routine of service. Spend a few weeks to several months serving people around the world or right here in the U.S.

What the trips look like:
  • International and Domestic trips
  • Teams of 5-10
  • Corporate worship and prayer
  • Team participants lead devotions
  • Team building exercises
  • Cross-cultural living experience
  • Building relationships with nationals

What Mission 1 Teams Do

  • Skill or skill-set training (ESL, Auto AC, Cosmetology)
  • Prayer Walk Red-Light Districts
  • Perform Least of These Risk Assessments
  • Community visitations and evangelism
  • Nights of Freedom
  • Trafficked Extractions

Ready to GO? Join us in Nashville or Thailand or the Philippines!