A boy named Leo & Sexualized Video Gaming

Preventing Victimization and Rescuing Victims from human trafficking is a daily reality for us at Rescue 1. This is why raising awareness, teaching individuals and groups to recognize the warning signs and training groups how to effectively report and respond to suspicious situations is so important to us. Situations like the story told by NCOSE […]

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It’s difficult for most of us to imagine the atrocities that can occur in the short span of a 19-year-old’s life. Until you’ve heard her words firsthand, the incomprehensible remains just that. It’s not until a survivor begins to share these experiences that the unfathomable becomes all too real. The moment the door opened for […]

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Why I am Against Human-Trafficking

People are surprised when they discover my passion for fighting human trafficking. I am not sure why. Perhaps because they know my background: I have no secret story, no hidden skeletons lurking from my past. I was not abused in any way when I was a child. In fact, I was blessed with a stable […]

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T-minus 10, 9, 8…3, 2, 1, LIFT OFF!!!

We have been franticly busy the last few months with meeting after meeting, training after training, mobilizing after mobilizing, phone call after phone call, and email after email. You see the word is out! Trafficking is real, people really are being forced against their will to do things that no one deserves to do. Since, […]

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