Rescue 1 is so excited about the global impact we have had of last several years. This impact is largely because of those who lead, teach and train those of us who are boots on the ground. 

Our speakers are passionate, knowledgeable, and personally invested advocates in our mission to bring help and hope to a hurting, enslaved world. Collectively, they deliver messages of inspiration, motivation, and trafficking awareness to first-responders, medical fields, social departments, classrooms, churches, youth groups, universities, conferences, fundraising events, and large-scale venues nationwide. They also are excellent trainers regarding the ins and outs of the underground world of human trafficking. Some of our speakers and trainers give personal insight into this dark and hidden world, as survivors who have lived the stories first hand.

Advocates and Speakers

Lacy Tolar, Founder
Daniel Tolar, CEO
Angie Outlaw, MSW; VP of Restoration

Available Trainings & Speaking Topics

The how, where, when and why’s of human trafficking, specialized and crafted for these groups but not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders
  • Educators
  • Medical Field Personnel
  • Social Workers
  • Counselors
  • Churches
  • Youth Groups
  • Mission Workers
  • Foster Care and Child Service Workers

We can offer continue education training for those needing certified human trafficking training for your professional workplace (i.e. counselors, social workers, law enforcement, medical field, hospitality industry).

How your church can be mobilized to fight human trafficking locally and globally.

Restoration Advocacy becoming a trauma-informed advocate.

Training for those who want to open a shelter but need helpful advice and resources, or for those who have a shelter and want to expand their programming to create a trauma-informed restorative environment.

(International Mission Mobilization) Education on human trafficking around the world and how to fight it in multiple cultures and contexts.

For both youth and adult audiences. It is stated that “At any given time there are over 750,000 sexual predators trolling the internet for our children.” Learn how to keep them safe.

Pornography plays an integral part in the proliferation of sex trafficking in our world. It is our job to deep dive into the topic of pornography and see its effects on the brain and the world around us in order to fight trafficking.

As some of the world’s most vulnerable children to human trafficking, we need to be informed and see how the world of foster care and adoption plays a role in human trafficking worldwide.

We are happy to present at your conference with the following topics:

  • Biblical topics
  • Human Trafficking
  • Missions

Speaker Request

Interested in having a member of Rescue 1 Global’s team speak or present at your event? Please fill out our contact form with your event details. Please note that we may or may not be able to fulfill your request, depending on event conflicts and prior schedule commitments. Email us with any additional questions at [email protected].