Rescue 1 Global started as a simple awareness and action campaign seeking to expose and combat all slavery. Birthed in the hearts of missionaries Daniel and Lacy Henson Tolar, Rescue 1 Global is now a full-scale prevention, rescue, and restoration mission. Their unwavering passion for fighting human trafficking makes them a formidable force in the anti-trafficking world.

Mission: Counter Human Trafficking and Provide Holistic Restoration Worldwide

Rescue 1 Global seeks to create a culture of change by educating on the complexities of slavery and human trafficking to identify the red flags in their communities. We seek to equip and mobilize communities to combat and respond to slavery and human trafficking through Prevention, Rescue, and Restoration programs. We seek to partner and collaborate with Law Enforcement Agencies and other Non-Government Organizations to obtain and provide resources. We seek to open and start Grace Oasis Rescue 1 Global Restoration Facilities offering aftercare programs in every community we serve.

Vision: Serve Communities Around the World Until All Those Enslaved and Trafficked Are Free

Our vision is simple. Rescue 1 Global desires to contribute to the worldwide movement of Biblical justice by abolishing the trafficking of human beings and ending modern-day slavery. R1G will serve communities worldwide, encouraging and equipping them to Give, Grow, Get Involved, and Go, until all those who are enslaved and trafficked are free.

Strategy: Educate and Mobilize Communities to Prevent Victimization, Rescue Victims, and Restore Survivors

Rescue 1 Global has a three-prong, strategic plan to Prevent, Rescue, and Restore the vulnerable and the victimized. We identify vulnerable communities, establish relationships, raise awareness, launch outreach teams to serve, recover victims and their families, care for trafficking survivors, serve alongside law enforcement as advocates for those who have been silenced, and provide education for combating modern-day slavery and human trafficking. When called upon, we serve as a high-quality resource for victims and survivors around the world.


In 2017, R1G successfully opened the doors to a women’s restoration home, and in 2020, we added a home for mothers with young children to our licensure. This home allows us to minister to the underserved women in our Grace Oasis residential program.


R1G opened a safe home in the northern part of Thailand and has 5 partner prevention homes. These homes allow us to serve 175 survivors daily


R1G serves 75 tender-age children through a partnership with a community preschool where a prevention program is incorporated into the daily curriculum. The program includes community awareness and education. R1G also opened Grace Oasis Philippines in 2017.

Grace Oasis:

R1G’s Aftercare and Recovery Program provides the specific care necessary for these survivors to thrive physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. Grace Oasis gives girls a living space where their hearts can heal, all while wrapped up in the warm, loving embrace of Jesus Christ. Once rescued, these girls have a room, ready, renovated, and waiting for them.


Rescue 1 Global would like to introduce you to the group of passionate individuals who educate and motivate our staff and volunteers and cultivate a workplace of service and gratitude.

Daniel Tolar


Lacy Tolar

Founder & CCO

Amanda Salter

VP of Business Administration

Tiffany Kiser

Interim VP of Restoration

Michael Codilla

Executive Director

Rescue 1 Philippines

Our Story

Long before they fell in love, Daniel and Lacy Tolar accepted a calling to enter full-time missionary service. Even at such a young age, they each knew to pray their future spouse would exhibit similar traits, passions, and callings to the simplistic, pioneer lifestyle. They are blessed to have found these in each other.

Together, Daniel and Lacy served Lighthouse Ministries in Antioch, TN, as the Missions Committee Chairmen for 8 years. During that time, the Lord called them into full-time, vocational, and crosscultural missionary service to many countries. Then, Rescue 1 Global’s founders were struck with reality as the stories of human trafficking transformed into heartbreaking realities. Upon visiting recruiting sites and continuing their research, they discovered poverty and anonymity were key factors that kept communities vulnerable to predators.

It was a vision trip to Thailand in 2011 that spurred Daniel and Lacy into action. Southeast Asia is a hotspot for human trafficking. In fact, this area of the world is known for children being lured, bought, tricked, and stolen into the sex slavery industry at astonishing rates. Struggling families often force their children to drop out of school and begin working at a tender age. Many resort to sending them to a recruiter who contracts them as housekeepers or servers. These desperate families don’t know that their children are immediately forced into the sex industry.

Once Daniel and Lacy realized what was happening, they became proactive and connected with local Christians who possessed the same burning vision to address the injustice of human trafficking. Their passion birthed the willingness to fight the war against human trafficking, but it was these connections that fortified their vision and made Rescue 1 Global a reality.

This intense desire to serve and protect the vulnerable has proven to be contagious. From the
hearts of the Thai people, it propelled into other parts of the world, including where our
partners serve, in the Philippines, Laos, India, and right here in the United States.

When Daniel and Lacy returned home, God opened their eyes to the vulnerable women and children just across the street the way He’d done abroad. They also discovered others serving in a similar capacity around the southeast regions of the US. As they grew in knowledge and firsthand experience, the drastic difference between the world of trafficking in Southeast Asia and the domestic US astounded them. After meditating on this insight, they embraced the challenge with a renewed vigor.

R1G’s founders acknowledge that the servants’ road is not meant to be an easy one. Still, they are motivated by the reminder that less fortunate women and children worldwide deserve the same opportunity for life and freedom that the rest of us possess.
Today, Rescue 1 Global is an independent and far-reaching prevention, rescue, and restoration mission, unleashing a powerful force in the anti-trafficking world. We are excited to share that your generous donations allow us to serve over 180 children and dozens of women in several locations around Southeast Asia every day. Also, women and children across multiple states in the US are rescued and restored because you gave. This work can only continue because of faith partners like you. So, on behalf of those we represent that have been silenced by this evil for so long, THANK YOU!

IMPACT the life of ONE today.

Become an ambassador and join the fight by leveraging your platform to educate others about the reality of human trafficking.