Rescue 1 Global’s mission is to counter human trafficking and provide holistic restoration: at home and around the world.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for YOU.

Now that the Black Friday shopping frenzy has passed, GivingTuesday has arrived. Here’s your chance to get involved in our Freedom Challenge!

To participate:
1. Save This Photo
2. Post to your Social Media and copy the following with your post:  “For the Month of December, I have chosen to participate in the #freedomchallenge to fight human trafficking. Help me complete the calendar by picking a day and Venmo the dollar amount to @Rescue1Global with my name in the description. You can take the challenge too!”
3. Your Friends can comment what days they want to donate and Venmo Rescue 1 Global directly.
By completing this calendar you can provide FREEDOM to trafficking survivors.

Each calendar can provide:
10 Hours of Trauma Therapy
20 Safe Nights from being beaten, raped, or sold
500 meals for at risk individuals
4 Extractions to a safe location to begin the restoration journey

Join us starting NOW!

What we do

Rescue 1 Global: Human Trafficking Prevention


Rescue 1 Global’s prevention efforts raise awareness, educate communities on the reality of human trafficking, and mobilize individuals and teams to maintain preventative measures.

Rescue 1 Global: Human Trafficking Rescue


Our rescue strategy is designed to identify victims and safely remove them from danger, bring relief to those who are suffering, and help bring perpetrators to justice.

Rescue 1 Global: Human Trafficking Rescue


Rescue 1 Global uses a holistic approach to aftercare and recovery. We provide safety, healing, unity, and empowerment to survivors through trained caregivers, counselors, and volunteers.

Over forty million people are currently enslaved in the world TODAY.

We’re only asking you to save ONE.

Every dollar you donate is an investment in someone’s freedom.


Safe Bed Night

Food Relief

Toiletries for One
Person This Month

Outreach Meals

One Hour
of Therapy

Medical Care for One Person This Month

Three Life
Skills Sessions

Tools for
Life Skills

Rescue 1 Global: Provide Safe Transportation


Rescue 1 Global: Provide Two Safe Bed Nights in the US

Two Safe Bed Nights
in the US

Rescue 1 Global: Provide School Uniforms and Supplies for Four People

School Uniforms and Supplies for Four People

Rescue 1 Global: Provide Five Days of Food for One Person

Five Days of Food
for One Person

Food and Hygiene
for One Month
(for an entire SAFEhouse)


Rescue, Investigation, and Transition

Help Three People
Start a Business




Rescue 1 Global: Fighting Slavery and Human Trafficking and Bringing Restoration to Lives and Communities at Home and Around the World

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Human trafficking is one of the greatest injustices of our lifetime. You can do your part to help us end it. It’s all about the one: Rescue One.

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