Celebrate a Season of Freedom -Day9

Celebrate a Season of Freedom -Day 9 with Rescue 1. As we share the 12 Days of Freedom we will highlight how the work and ministry of Rescue 1 and our partners are changing lives worldwide. Enjoy day 9 of 12!

One of the biggest dreams of a woman is to experience walking down the aisle with her man on the other end waiting for her to say “I DO”. To some, this dream becomes a reality while to others, this remains a fantasy. I am Sara, a former resident of the Red Light District (RLD), and that’s what I thought of my dream to be wed—it was a fantasy.

With the kind of life I had, it was almost impossible to get respect from people, especially from men. Welcomed into the hands of poverty at birth, life was very difficult. With God being just a cliché, I was among the unbelievers whom Satan has blinded and kept from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ (2 Cor. 4:4). I even asked God for a flood of lascivious men while on duty in order to add some more money to the earthly treasure chest I was laying up for myself.

My Fantasy

I thought to myself, “I can get out from this hellish puddle when my knight in shining armor comes to rescue me and we will live happily forever!” Finally, someone did come with a bouquet of promises to love me, support me and provide for me. It was so easy for me to think how special I was among the other girls in the district because the only son of the club owner fell for me. I waited for him to give me the life he promised, but my waiting ended when he left me with a child—whom I thought is a gift but is also a heavy responsibility—for another woman in the district. I thought, “No one’s going to take me seriously knowing the kind of woman I am. Then neither will I!” I gave up on hopes for a different life.

Hopping from one relationship to the next became a hobby, sticking longer to the ones who gave me more money. This is my kind of “normal life”; I’d better get the most out of it.  On an April friends’ night out in 2019, Brandon came with the same promises I had heard before, but I turned him down. Eventually, his persistence won me over. Still, this was more of a “for fun” relationship to me. It came to a point where my friends in the RLD and I made fun of him because of his small stature but we were wrong when I became pregnant again. Another heavy responsibility. Suddenly, the same fears of rejection and abandonment struck me much harder this time.

The Unexpected in my ‘Celebrate Season of Freedom -Day 9’

I can’t remember when it happened but one day Brandon said “Sara, Let’s get married”. I thought to myself, What? That’s it? Is he proposing? Is this a proposal?” Maybe he’s not really serious. I was confused; this can’t be real. He just do to me what every other man did to me, take advantage of me and leave. So, I ignored him. Then he started showing more effort to support me—and even my first child, Gabriel. Despite him being a “little man”, he managed to build a small hut for us from scratch on his own. Living in and consumed by the only culture we knew, we embraced the meaning of marriage. That a couple living together with or without a commitment—and of course, with the wedding that comes in last or doesn’t even come at all.” Living with Brandon was my yes to his “proposal”.

The Unexpected People

It was still in 2019 while I was busy living “my kind of life” when unexpected people started to meet us in the club. They introduced themselves as Christians who wanted to reach out to us and help us take our first steps outside the Red Light District through Bible studies and academic assistance. Through Rescue1: Philippines (click to follow daily ministry activities on Facebook), I was able to attend college. Hiding the first months of my pregnancy, I went to school and completed my school requirements together with my friend Beauty, a fellow worker in the district. The pandemic struck made studying difficult. But slowly, I stopped working in the club. I did not think this would ever happen.

The Outreach Team

These christians taught us a lot of things from the Word of God. They mentored us, encouraged us to Christ and welcomed us into their lives, into the church and in the Christian family. More than financial assistance, it’s the spiritual growth—that God nurtures through these people—that I am most thankful for.

As this mentoring continues, living the Christian life for me becomes real, though I have to admit that it’s not always easy as the shadows from my former life still cast in front of me often. Even though transformation doesn’t happen overnight, I am confident that God will be with me all the way as he will complete this faith that he started to work in me.

I thought and I thought and I thought! Continue reading below…

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…I Thought…

I thought, This is it! Brandon and I are together and are living “the married life”! I thought this “new life” is okay. Since almost everybody does it, it’s fine. Right? My new friends and supportive community taught I that this way of living is not God’s design for marriage. God began to reveal His Word to me of just how precious marriage is. And, that it reflects the love Jesus has for us, His beloved bride. I learned that Brandon and I have to be united in the bonds of marriage to glorify God.

I thought being married to someone who loves me will truly make me happy. But I was taught that only in the presence of God is fullness of joy and in His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

I thought I am far from being cared for by God because of my sins and my way of life. But I was taught that God’s love covers a multitude of sins. God in his infinite mercy and grace, continues to reach me out through the hearts of His beloved servants.

What I am Looking Forward To

Being taught these truths, and with the kindness of the Christian family and Rescue1: Philippines, I am so grateful for the opportunity to make my dream that was just a fantasy, become a reality. I’m REALLY getting married!  White dress, flowers, wedding cake, invitations, vows, souvenirs, and the list goes on. I never thought that this experience would be both hard and enjoyable. Hard, because wedding preparation takes a lot of effort—which I am not really used to—and enjoyable because… It’s my wedding! 

I believe that there’s so much more involved in married life than just the wedding event. But I am hopeful that Brandon and I can go through all this because we are restarting it the right way. 

God be glorified!

Celebrate a Season of Freedom -Day 9 with me!

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