Survivor Story 8

My siblings and I were raised by our grandparents because of our parents’ drug addictions, so I grew up in an upper class Christian home. I made good grades at my elite private school, but even with all of this “going for me” I couldn’t shake the abandonment of my parents and overcome the sadness. I search for love and acceptance in all the wrong places, turning to drugs to numb the pain and boys to fill the void.

One day my boyfriend invited me on a road trip to another state to “meet some friends.” In the end those friends made me “earn my keep”: ads were posted, tricks turned, and the trauma of commercial exploitation began.

I tried to run but they held me captive and threatened my life. My grandparents filled a missing person report, and I was finally rescued by local law enforcement  With the help of advocates I found Rescue 1 and came to live at Grace Oasis.

Here I found safety and security and began the long journey towards healing. Even though I still struggle with the demons of my past, I take the tools I learn here and use them everyday. I am thankful that no matter where I go, my Rescue 1 family is always one phone call away when I need them.

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Every dollar helps Rescue 1 provide life changing programs, restore broken lives, and renew hope.

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