Survivor Story 7

My dad said we could all have a better life in the United States, so we moved here when I was 14. I knew he was struggling to keep us safe and provide. He and I worked together at a local grocery store and restaurant. One day, he dropped me off with a man. That man gave him some envelopes. It wasn’t until a few days later I realized he had sold me. I never saw my dad again.

I was stuck and had no idea what to do. The things I was forced to do for that man and others were the worst moments of my life. One day a neighbor saw something suspicious about my life and called the police.

The police took me to the police station. A detective told me that he had good friends that could help me. That is when Rescue 1 advocates showed up. Since that day, I have safe people protecting me, advocating for my good, and making sure I do get that better life I first dreamed about.

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Every dollar helps Rescue 1 provide life changing programs, restore broken lives, and renew hope.

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