R1G Philippines has done an amazing job sharing the Gospel and combating trafficking despite seemingly incessant spiritual attacks this past year. Now we’d like to invite YOU to bless and encourage them. At the bottom of this blog are specific action steps you can take to directly impact our team in the Philippines and those whom they serve.

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This is what faithfulness in adversity looks like:

August-December 2022

  • A key leader died unexpectedly.
  • Son of another leader was diagnosed with leukemia.
  • Another leader died unexpectedly.
  • Public Transport Engagement – Sharing the Gospel and raising awareness about trafficking on the public bus system.
  • A month-long outreach to various remote communities: sharing the Gospel, distributing Bibles in native dialect, training locals about trafficking
  • Street School
  • Red Light District Ministry
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!

January-April 2023

  • A leader discovered his daughter had been threatened into sending images of herself to a stranger online.
  • Four Outreach Missions to remote areas
  • Street School
  • Red Light District Ministry
Public Transport Engagement

May-July 2023

  • Sister of a key volunteer had a heart attack.
  • A volunteer had a stroke.
  • Another was hit by a car while walking to work and died.
  • Daughter of a volunteer died of dengue fever and typhoid fever.
  • The leader’s son, who had leukemia, passed away.
  • Ten weeks later, this same leader’s daughter caught dengue and typhoid fever and she passed away.
  • Another Public Transport Engagement.
  • Another outreach mission.
  • Street School
  • Red Light District Ministry
Street School

Take action to bless our team!

Bless our team in the Philippines by providing funds for them to purchase needed ministry items and to have a staff and volunteer retreat for grieving and healing.

  • Outreach Missions Supplies: Tents, backpacks and supplies. $1300
  • Red Light District Ministry: Clothing and school supplies for 8 survivors. $600
  • Street School Supplies: Clothing and school supplies for 20 children. $800
  • Grief and Healing Retreat $1300

For the R1G Philippines Team

Donate to the Verallo family who lost 2 of their 3 children. They have medical and funeral expenses. They have also requested rent assistance for 6 months while they sell their previous home. Click below to provide a one-time gift or to commit to $200/month for the next 6 months.

For the Verallo Family

You can also encourage our Philippines team in person by joining our mission trip to R1G: Philippines in April 2024! Sign up!

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