MaiHur: The Heart of Easter

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It’s easy to forget Easter means more than family dinners and egg hunts. When we remember the story of Christ and His resurrection, we think of it as a Bible story worth celebrating.

Rarely, do we think to live out what it means.

During this joyful season, we often forget that there are four-year-old girls who are forced to beg in order to survive.

This was the case of MaiHur, a little Thai girl who was found by a R1G team. Her mother had died shortly after she was born and the only family she had left was her father.

He worked long hours in the fields and left her by herself when she was as young as two years old, often leaving her without provisions.

As a result, MaiHur was forced to adapt and learned to use her four-year-old charms to beg for food.

When the national team found the little girl, her neighbor expressed concern that MaiHur’s father might eventually sell her because he couldn’t take care of her. Fortunately, her father was willing to terminate his parental rights so she could live in the Village of Hope. For MaiHur, this is a real home where she receives the care and attention she so desperately needs. Few people are as hungry for love as a motherless girl.

Because of Rescue1 Global’s mission to act as the Church and offer hope through Christ, “the Least of These” like MaiHur, are able to have a chance at a new life, a hope they never thought possible.

When Jesus Christ died on the cross, He became our sacrifice.

We were broken, vulnerable, and helpless. Jesus placed Himself in the gap between our sin and being right with God, and bore the consequences. As Christians, we believe we are called to follow His example of sacrifice for others by giving of ourselves.

Whether through actions, time, or finances, we are called to fill the needs around us.

By being a part of Sponsor 1, you can meet the needs of the vulnerable and enslaved like MaiHur for $50 a month (that is less than $2 a day) and enable them to build a new life.

Because that is what Easter is about: celebrating the sacrifice of Christ by giving as He gave.


What a beautiful story and a great reminder!


My husband, who is a senigr/songwriter, is on tour in TN. We are HUGE fans of Cindy. I just happen to check the website and find this posting the day after it happend! My husband was in town that day, and would have been thrilled to be there. We were sure bummed! Oh well maybe next time!

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