From the Heart

Last August, I experienced a Mother’s Day unlike any other.  In Thailand, the people celebrate Mother’s Day on the queen’s birthday.  It just happened to fall on the week that my daughter and I ventured to Thailand with Rescue 1 Global. On Mother’s Day, we arose to attend a church service.  Upon arriving, there sat a […]

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Where to start if you want to “End It”!

  Written by Audra Haney. Read her blog here. –  If you scroll Facebook or any other form of social media today, you’ll see a lot of people sporting a red X on their hands today…and it couldn’t thrill me more! Today is the “End It” Movement’s “Shine a Light on Slavery” Day for the 27 million trapped […]

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Why I am Against Human-Trafficking

People are surprised when they discover my passion for fighting human trafficking. I am not sure why. Perhaps because they know my background: I have no secret story, no hidden skeletons lurking from my past. I was not abused in any way when I was a child. In fact, I was blessed with a stable […]

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MaiHur: The Heart of Easter

  It’s easy to forget Easter means more than family dinners and egg hunts. When we remember the story of Christ and His resurrection, we think of it as a Bible story worth celebrating. Rarely, do we think to live out what it means. During this joyful season, we often forget that there are four-year-old […]

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