Russo-Ukraine War

As news that the Russo-Ukraine War was looming in early February 2022, Rescue 1 Global knew the potential for significantly increased vulnerabilities to women and children. This would result in the demand for human trafficking in Ukraine of women and girls could increase. We reached out to ministries and friends that we knew of serving in the Ukraine area to inform them of the potential risks. Sadly, we can now report this prediction has become reality; a crisis compounded by the humanitarian crisis of war. The world has not experienced trauma, loss, and evil of this magnitude since WWII.

Since the beginning of the war, Rescue 1 Global has prayed intently for the Slavic countries stuck in the midst of this war controlled by an evil that seems to grow daily. We believe that God is providing an opportunity for Rescue 1 Global to respond to the crisis of slavery/human trafficking in Ukraine. Rescue 1 Global has been consulting and equipping a Ukrainian military chaplain since November 2022. The military chaplain serves with the Ukrainian military, local authorities, refugee camps, and churches. As a result, we have first-hand experience of the catastrophic loss of life and the types of trauma girls and young women are facing at the hands of Russian invaders.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian girls and young women are bound in slavery being raped and terrorized. Then, the Russian invaders discard them to fend for themselves. Many Ukrainian local officials and field officers have reached out to Rescue 1 Global for strategic and focused help amidst this crisis within the larger crisis of war that is going from community to community and house to house.

How Rescue 1 Global plans help!

We know that God has both equipped and called our team for such a time as this. With our team on the ground in war-torn Ukraine, we have set specific goals to help assist in providing freedom. These goals are to provide pathways to safe shelter and restorative care by mobilizing trafficking crisis response teams to protect and comfort the victimized, restore survivors, and assist in vulnerability alleviation by partnering with organizations attempting to serve within the hardest hit communities. We are preparing to provide immediate necessities, equip first responders and caregivers, and assist military units, local government, and refugee camps to provide urgent medical and trauma care. Together, we will engage in both crisis response during and after the Russian attacks and trauma needs as our team and networks identify victims throughout the country.

Join the fight!

Please join Rescue 1 Global in this fight against slavery-human trafficking in Ukraine and around the world! To give a generous gift and start monthly support of $25 or more to help Rescue 1 take action and sustain these efforts, please see below. Or Text FREEUA to 44-321 to give. Click HERE if you would like to become a ONE in 1000 partner. To find out more about who we are and what we do, click HERE.

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