What do these have in common? They exist in every community fueling human trafficking!


Human trafficking occurs in ALL 50 states. Apx., every 2 mins, a CHILD is bought or sold for sex and the average age of a child victim is 13.

Human Trafficking is the second-fastest growing criminal industry.

In TN, 750 children run away every month. ⅙ will be coerced into sex trafficking.

TN ranks among the best in the nation for its combative approach. YET, we are 19th in the country with 80 cases in 2016.  

SOLUTION: Partnership

The Governor’s Human Trafficking Task Force now known as the Tennessee Human Sex Trafficking Advisory Council was established by the Governor to develop and implement a statewide plan for the prevention of human trafficking. This year, in Middle TN, the Council consisting of the Department of Children’s Services, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), the Sheriff’s Association, the Public Defender’s Conference and the only Mid-TN nonprofit representative, End Slavery, have reached out to other integral nonprofits to develop and implement plans to identify and deter human trafficking, deliver services and quality aftercare and recovery to survivors, routinely gather to exchange information, encourage frontline efforts, share lessons learned, and enhance engagement for lasting impact pressing toward Freedom.

The TBI “is committed to understanding and fighting Human Trafficking… — from law enforcement to nonprofits to government agencies — have stepped up to play a part in the solution.” In fact, during our September NGO Human Trafficking Working Group meeting, TBI’s Special Agent Wilkerson said, “Over the last two years, it is the little ol’ church outreach lady who sees something “just not right” and calls us to report that “something” that has made the difference for us. We, as Law Enforcement need you all in the community identifying and reporting these bad people. That way we can do bad things to these bad people. And you all [nonprofits] take care of the victims and survivors”. This is true partnership where we (Rescue 1 and other nonprofits) collaborate, share information and resources, combat these “bad people” on a collective and unified front, and provide advocacy and quality aftercare and recovery for survivors.


Thursday, October 19, 2017, the Rescue 1 team and volunteers were in preparation for our annual Fundraising Gala. At 2:30PM, our Restoration Team started receiving calls for placement availability for teen girls. In less than 3 hours we received 4 calls from 3 different states, including TN. Friday October 27, 2017, the FBI called, again inquiring for placement of 2 other teen girls. They were from MY HOME TOWN; WHERE I WAS BORN! In 8 days, we received calls for 6 teen girls, 2 of which have children as a result of their abuse and captivity.


How do you process or respond to this information? What can you do?

Join Rescue 1 Global, whose action is directed into Prevention, Rescue and Restoration. YOUR PARTICIPATION to end human trafficking is so valuable. So we encourage you to focus your action and GET INVOLVED through giving of your time or resources, or going – through mission trips, local outreach ministries, or volunteering / applying for Rescue 1 Global.

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