Restore those Rescued from Human Trafficking.

Through opening R1G: Abbey Homes, anonymously located, we provide individuals physical safety, emotional and spiritual protection, and lifestyle reconditioning. Survivors will live with each other, loving house parents, mentors, and counselors. Similarly, local professionals will provide career training to build new skill-sets, learn about business, and assist to set them up for successful futures.

All our Sponsor kids

We have finally finished the first full after care facility in the region. This secure facility will compound the first Grace Oasis Thailand. This Recovery and Aftercare Center housing up to 60 youth and adults. Now that the house is complete, help us to provide for each of these precious 1’s that will live there by Sponsoring 1 Today.

We also understand how redeemed souls from such horrific abuse and darkness will desire to reciprocate the great gift of freedom. So, we are prepared both for restoring overcomers successfully back into community and equipping them to become active rescuers as well. We know this will take time, skill, preparation, security, and regenerative protocols. This stage requires well educated and trained staff to support and facilitate growth in a Christ-centered environment. Implementing this takes resources: people, training, planning, protocols, housing, and money.