Prevent Human Trafficking

The Prevention of “1” victim today is one of the most important factors in our line of defense against human trafficking in the future.

Rescue 1 Global presents community awareness training through our Human Trafficking 101 program, where participants learn the basic inner workings of the industry, how to recognize a potential victim, the proper authorities to inform, and steps they can take to prevent another human trafficking victim.

Our 101 presentation can be shared with church groups, first responders, educators, or professionals who desire to make a difference in their communities. Individuals can work alongside Rescue 1 Global to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation by becoming a foster or caregiver family, adopting a child, participating in a Rescue 1 Global community outreach group, giving financially to support our global prevention homes, and hosting a 101 presentation with their personal community.

Everyone can do something to prevent victims of human trafficking.

To get involved with our prevention teams click here for more info or email us at [email protected].