End of 2021

  • Obtain 100% R1G: International Sponsor 1
  • Furnish the Butterfly Home

1 Year

  • Complete The Village of Hope
  • Develop local Thai Partnerships to assist in the establishment of a National Anti-trafficking Coalition
  • Develop a Task Force to compliment and increase the ministry outreach capacity of partners, local churches, Foster/Mercy Care, pastor training, and much more.

3 Years

  • Care for relocated Survivors from other ministries and local Partnerships.
  • Establish anonymous, safe houses in other high trafficked cities in Thailand.

5 Years

  • Open 3 Rescue 1 Global headquarters in India, Philippians, and another undetermined location.
  • Have affinity partnerships in other countries in like Argentina, Nicaragua, Uganda, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica.
LAST UPDATED ON: November 30, 2021