Prevent Human Trafficking

We move into communities to be a presence, quietly serving and providing safe alternatives for at risk youth and adults. Since January 2011 we have been able to help reopen 6 homes in 4 locations. The homes consist of two loving, Christian parents and equally loving staff, counselors, and mentors. There at the homes they are allowed to grow, learn, play, and discover who they are. The children are fully cared for from clothing to toiletries, from three meals a day to an education. Through continuous education we teach the community how to identify, report, request assistance and train how to intervene, serve at risk individuals and provide #BiblicalJustice Solutions to their community/country in their own cultural context.

All our Sponsor kids

Additionally, we have developed a method to gather accurate and valuable intel that empowers our staff and partners to serve potential victims at risk of entering the “Industry”. We use a tool called The Least of These Risk Assessment. These assessments allow us to move about a community with a non-threatening, humanitarian aid approach. We are currently caring for over 180 children and young people. It costs approximately $100/month to underwrite 1 child. Sponsor 1 Today @ $50/month.