TRUTH: Trafficking does not require the crossing of international borders. Victims are often trafficked in the same country.

TRUTH: Although physical confinement and violence are components of trafficking they are not automatically evident. Threat, coercion, deception are sufficient to making an initial determination.

TRUTH: NO person can consent to slavery-like conditions.

TRUTH: Trafficking can occur whether with illegal or legal documentation.

TRUTH: Victims are often abused while in slave-like conditions.

TRUTH: Household servants can be a labor and/or sex trafficking victim.

TRUTH: NO person under the age of consent can consent to commercial sex acts. Therefore coercion, threat, or deception does not have to be proved if the child is under 18.

TRUTH: Victims can be coerced and manipulated digitally.

TRUTH: Human trafficking is a worldwide problem.

TRUTH: Often trafficking victims are manipulated or coerced through psychological methods.

TRUTH: Family members can be the traffickers.

TRUTH: Men are victims as well.

TRUTH: There are more slaves in the world today than ever in history – 41+ million currently.

TRUTH: Most victims go undetected unless you know the signs to look for, are aware of what is going on around you or in your neighborhood, are tuned in to what a child is doing (on social media, in your home, who their friends are, etc.), and are having genuine conversations.