R1G: Team

Some team members raise personal Missionary Support to work in the ministry of Rescue 1 and other are supported by local grants we as an organization have secured. We are so thankful for our team members who give of their time freely in order to serve the vulnerable, seek freedom for the enslaved and deliver holistic restoration to survivors. Click here if you would you like to Join Our Team.

Rescue 1 Global is so thankful for all our financial partners that make this Global Ministry and strategic community outreaches possible. Become a Partner today and join the fight for Biblical Justice around the world!

Lacy Tolar | Founder

Daniel Tolar | CEO

Amanda Salter | VP of Business Administration

Angie Outlaw, MSW | VP of Restoration

Glen Buckley| VP of Rescue, Licensed PI, ICAC & Forensic Investigator

India Goostree | VP of Prevention

Angela Michael | Residential Director

Gracyn Martin, LBSW | Care Coordinator Director

Lauren Hutton | Program Director

Harmony Jones | Care Partner & Lead Rescue Advocate

Samantha Gibbs | Residential Caregiver

Amy Ellison, RN | Staff RN & Survivor Mentor

Beth Walser, LMFT | Clinical Supervisor & Therapist

Tiphany Smith, RMS | PRN Residential Caregiver & Nurse Medical Asst.

Dana Lopez, BSW | LifeSkills Coach

C. Jones | Lead Human Trafficking Investigator & Security Agent

C. Ferguson | Human Trafficking Investigator

C. Burroughs | Human Trafficking Investigator

Boonpradit & Fong Wijitrakul | Thailand Board President

Micheal & Drexel Codilla | Philippines Director

Mike & Tami Sulja | Thailand Missionary & Ambassador