The Value of 1

Santisuk Village Visit The alarm rings. I scramble to shut it off! I think to myself, “Is it morning already? Man, I feel like I just feel asleep.” As my eyes flicker open, I suddenly remember that I have been anticipating this day for 2 weeks. So, why do I feel so weak, heavy and […]

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Year-end Report

This has been an amazing year for us and you together. We have been able to accomplish so much regarding the prevention and response of trafficking cases in Thailand and the U.S. Here is the number of lives WE (You and Us) have directly touched and empowered this year: USA 23 Rescues 14 Prevented children […]

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Beyond Boko Haram: Nigeria’s Human-Trafficking Crisis

Written by Lauren Jekowsky and Oliver Kaplan: The recent kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram is putting the spotlight on the problem of human trafficking in Nigeria, a scourge that has existed for some time and reaches far beyond Boko Haram. Nigeria is currently ranked as a “Tier 2” country […]

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From the Heart

Last August, I experienced a Mother’s Day unlike any other.  In Thailand, the people celebrate Mother’s Day on the queen’s birthday.  It just happened to fall on the week that my daughter and I ventured to Thailand with Rescue 1 Global. On Mother’s Day, we arose to attend a church service.  Upon arriving, there sat a […]

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