Interns and Fellows

Rescue 1 Global is driven by the missional purpose and directives of the Gospel with a special passion and priority for the marginalized, vulnerable, at risk and trafficked populations around the world. Interns & Fellows will have the opportunity to serve in multiple aspects of Rescue 1 Global to this end and for a hands on experience to Kingdom building.

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Intern Testimonies

After doing the research and going out on the streets, we can no longer say we didn’t know. There are 27 million people in slavery around the world, whether it is labor trafficking or sex trafficking, everyone deserves to get out and everyone needs the hope of Christ.

Rescue 1 Intern

Watching and simply getting to be a part of the growing movement to end slavery and to fulfill the biblical command to care for the oppressed was both heartening and humbling.

Rescue 1 Intern

As the weeks have progressed, we have been able to develop these relationships by meeting physical needs like providing meals and clothing for those in need. However, these things alone are a means to an end without the gospel. The gospel is the end goal. Serving is just the bridge to getting to the gospel. That’s how Jesus did ministry. He healed people and he feed them, and then he spent time teaching them about the truth, His truth. Since Jesus did that, we should do too. We meet physical needs to get to the spiritual needs of people. After we offer physical loaves of bread, we need to offer the bread of life, Jesus.

Chelsea T.
Rescue 1 Intern


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