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Rescue1: Our Story
Our story is a powerful one. It’s one that spans our country, oceans and into other lands. It’s about people. About saving people. About saving lives. Children’s lives.
Kids Rescue Kids Video
Rescue1 presents Kids Rescue Kids. A children’s initiative to recognize the needs around them and empower them to “a little bit more” to impact the world around them and shape their world-view.
Home of Peace
Raw, candid worship of our beautiful God. Many of these young people have been abandoned by family because they are not wanted or can’t afford to keep them. Many have lost parents to the HIV virus. Most of them battle the reality of being at a high risk of entering the “Industry” for survival. That is before the Home of Peace was able to Rescue1 at a time.
First English Students of Hosanna English School
Using songs to practice English is beautiful, fun, encouraging, and “fruit” in more ways than one. PTL!
Rescue 1 Promo
Human Trafficking- Is there hope?
Yes there is Hope! Our team is working to LIMIT, LIBERATE, LOVE & LAUNCH…