My amazing friend Lauren Frey wrote this great info for her human trafficking task force in Brooklyn NY. Lauren came to work for Rescue 1 in 2012-2013. Lauren was mine and Daniels right hand for anything and everything. We are so proud of the places she has found herself and the hard work she put […]

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A boy named Leo & Sexualized Video Gaming

Preventing Victimization and Rescuing Victims from human trafficking is a daily reality for us at Rescue 1. This is why raising awareness, teaching individuals and groups to recognize the warning signs and training groups how to effectively report and respond to suspicious situations is so important to us. Situations like the story told by NCOSE […]

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Global Impact of churches Mobilized!

Serving communities around the world until they are free from slavery and human trafficking. SURVIVOR TESTIMONY Reintegration is always a difficult and scary transition to make. Sustainability, support systems, acquiring personal belongings, functioning communally, knowing your abilities, limits and when to ask for help are fundamental skills to learn for successful reintegration. Survivors have an […]

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